Dr. Yuri Tulchinsky


My family and I came to Israel in 1989 from Ukraine when I was a young child. I completed all of my compulsory education in Israel, and continued to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for a Bachelor’s in Chemistry and the Academy of Music and Dance for a Bachelor’s in Piano Performance.

I began my studies at the Technion after completing an MSc at the Weizmann Institute under the supervision of Prof. Avi Shanzer. Now I am finishing now my PhD in the Schulich Faculty of Chemistry in the Technion, in the group of Prof. Mark Gandelman. During my PhD research we have discovered a novel type of bonding. We have demonstrated that positively charged organic nitrogen species are able to coordinate to transition metals.

Based on this bonding phenomenon, we have developed a new class of ligands, namely, N-heterocyclic nitrenium cations. We have intensively studied the properties and reactivity of these novel ligands.