Dr. Guy Rosman


Guy Rosman did his PhD in the Computer Science Department, at the Technion, Israel. He has graduated in 2004 my BSc Summa Cum Laude at the Technion, and in 2008 his MSc, Cum Laude, at the Technion, in the Computer Science Department.

During his studies, Guy worked at IBM Haifa Research Labs, and as an algorithm developer in Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Medicvision Imaging Solutions and Invision Biometrics LTD. Guy has received several awards during my studies, including the Jacobs-Qualcomm award, Intel PhD award, and CS faculty excellence prizes.
In his spare time Guy enjoys jogging, preferably in interesting and challenging routes, as well as   hiking and sailing when he gets the chance.

His research interests include fast variational methods and PDE based image processing, as well as algorithms for motion and structure estimation, surface processing and 3D reconstruction. Specifically, in his PhD Guy demonstrated the relation between different choices of parameterizations for motion and structure representations and higher level tasks such as segmentation and scene understanding. The schemes he has come up with during his PhD allow us to solve efficiently interesting problems in a variety of applicative domains such as diffusion tensor imaging reconstruction, 3D reconstruction from structured-light, and articulated motion segmentation.