Dr. George Leifman


George earned his three academic degrees from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (BSc, MSc, PhD).
He is married to Elinne (a Technion employee) and they have two daughters, who are all very excited to join him for their new life chapter in Boston.
George’s research focuses on geometry processing problems. He has published both in computer graphics and in computer vision venues. He has papers on saliency detection, colorization, similarity, segmentation, and 3D reconstruction.
In his thesis he discusses two shape analysis problems, which are based on shape similarity: saliency and colorization.
First, he proposes an algorithm for saliency detection of triangulated meshes and of point clouds.
While saliency detection in images has been extensively studied, relatively few papers have addressed objects in 3D.
The second problem discussed in the thesis is mesh colorization. Traditionally, colorization refers to the process of adding color to black & white images or videos. George extends it to surfaces in three dimensions. This is important for applications in which the colors of an object need to be restored and no relevant image exists for texturing it. In such cases, if the user could easily and quickly colorize the mesh with a few brush strokes, texturing would be avoided.