Dr. Dan Raviv


Dan is a postdoctoral fellow in the Camera Culture Group in the Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)s, headed by Prof. Ramesh Raskar. He earned his Ph.D. from the Computer Science Department in the Technion – Israel Institue of Technology, working in Geometry Image Processing (GIP) laboratory under the supervision of Prof. Ron Kimmel. His research focused on differential invariants of non-rigid shapes.  He defined new metrics, which are invariant to scale and affine transformations.

He earned his bachelor degree, Summa cum Laude, in Mathematics and Computer Science, in the Technion, and is an alumnus of the Technion Excellence Program.  Dan’s research was granted several excellence prizes including the Gutwirth and Intel awards, and he was elected best lecturer on several occasions including the prestigious Technion directorship prize for outstanding adjunct teacher.

Dan is married to Gili, and is the proud father of a baby girl named Sharon.

As part of the Camera Culture Group, Dan’s research focuses on developing tools to better capture and analyze visual information. The group conducts multi-disciplinary research in modern optics, sensors, illumination, actuators, probes, image and signal processing. The goal is to create enhanced imaging platforms that have an understanding of the world that far exceeds human abilities and to produce meaningful abstractions that are well within human comprehensibility. Specifically, Dan is working on a variety of problems spreading from advance imaging using femtosecond lasers to low cost depth cameras.